Heavenly Conditions With The High Roller Team


I caught another great day filming with three Heavenly High Roller Team members, Taylor Chatwin, Kyle and Justin Scmaine. These athletes are all up in comers and some of the youngest members of the team. With 6’ to 12’ of new snow these guy were ready to charge. These kids were glowing with enthusiasm and it really showed in the footage, some amazing stuff.

We were able to get lots of different shots from all over the Mountain, from the top of sky to the bottom of Mott Canyon. A great day of filming by everyone, smiles all around.

Watch out for these guys at the up coming jackpot rail jam.

Comet Terrain Park

This is the first video I shot and edited this winter for Heavenly Mt Resort. Comet Terrain Park is the first park to open at Heavenly Mt Resort each season. This season Heavenly’s Terrain Park Crew rolled out a whole new set-up of recycled features in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly. Some of the recycled features include oil drums, tires, and corrugated pipes. I spent this nice mild temperature Tahoe day filming with Nick “Pooch” Poohachoff, Joanna “Pnut” Dzierzawski, and Sal Rubio, all members of Heavenly’s High Roller Team. Remind you this is the first week of the season and these guys were bringing their A-game.

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