“Home” – Nikon d850

It was an honor to edit this short film by my friend Corey Rich. Corey is a director, photographer and a Nikon Camera Ambassador. Nikon approached Corey to shoot a short film on the newly released Nikon d850 camera. After being around the world on assignment for over 3 months, Corey was looking for a way to shoot something without traveling.

He pitched the concept to shoot his family and everyday moments at home. This short film was shot on the Nikon d850 with one lens and all handheld. No fancy equipment or crew. The idea was to give the footage a home movie look or feel. The simplicity of the footage really makes this a special piece and it’s great reminder of the little things in life. For the edit, I also kept it simple. I had hours of footage to watch, trying to find the best moments. Corey and I rerecorded the voice over a few times to make it work perfectly with the footage. I also used natural audio when times were right. Overall a fun project to work on, pumped on the finished video.

Check out the film below and to get more detail on the shoot, check out Corey’s blog.