Fire and Lights

I headed down to my old stomping grounds at Ski Run Marina for a little sunset shoot. When I arrived at the marina, I headed down towards the beach, nothing down there really stuck my fancy. Discouraged I headed back to my truck, as I looked up saw the fire pit. Having spent many summer nights by it, I thought I would do it a little justice. Pulled out my tripod, flipped my camera to 60p and got creative. I conformed all the footage from 60fps to 30fps in cinema tools. Nice effect, happy with the out come.

7 Days with the 7D

Just got the 7D, and I can’t put the camera down, simply amazing design. I wanted to document my first week with the camera, so I hit up all my favorite spots here on the South Shore of Tahoe. Thanks to my roommate for putting up with me and a new camera, some moments she thought she was on the set of real world. Thanks Dawn. This video is a test with the camera playing with different setting, hand held, tripod, etc. This was all shot with the kit lens 28-128mm, which so far has worked well, even though I could use a little more on both ends of the scale.