First Snow 2011

The transition from one season to another is always an exciting time, especially if you live in the mountains and love snow. Last year was a monster “la Nina” snow year in Tahoe with some ski resorts tallying up over 600 inches of snow. Here is a recap of last year in case you forgot how much snow we had Winter is creeping up on us fast, the mornings are cold, the days shorter and we just received the first snow of the season. Deja vu? last year the first snow was also on October 5. Could the snow gods be lining us up for another big season? Only time will tell if la Nina rolls back through town again.

First snow in Lake Tahoe 10.05.11

Sitting on the Porch

There has been some really cool thunder storms and clouds this week in Tahoe, last night I decided to setup a quick timelapse shot from my back porch. This short clip is nothing fancy, just a quick look at the clouds.

Temperatures are dropping

Winter is right around the corner here in Lake Tahoe. Temperatures are starting to drop, and hopefully the snow will start flying. There were some crazy clouds out this morning, so I headed up the mountain to grab a couple of shots.

Sunrise Timelapse

This short timelapse was taken while filming the second episode of “The Snowmakers”. Dane and I got up on the mountain at 7am to film the sunrise. It was a great morning