Gary Burch – 40 Years

I love when I get an assignment to tell a story about about an interesting person. Back in the fall I got a call from Dane over at Deep Roots Media to create a short form documentary style tribute video for one of Heavenly Mountain’s employees, Gary Burch. This year marks the 40th year Gary has worked for the company, leading the lift operations department for the resort. Gary has built every chair lift at Heavenly, which is a lot of chair lifts. Gary and his team are responsible for keeping the massive infrastructure of chair lifts running day after day, season after season.

Sean Davis shot tons of great interviews with people who have worked with Gary over the years at Heavenly. It was fun to listen to some really interesting old stories about the early days of Heavenly and the challenge of building a ski resort. Gary’s passion is chair lifts and after 40 years doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. Check out the short video below to learn more about Gary.

Camera – Sean Davis

Editor – Chris Stamey

Footage – Heavenly Mountain Resort