The Line – Elyse Saugstad

I recently finished editing my first Television show for the team over at Mountain Resort Television. “The Line” is an award winning documentary style TV show, highlighting the stories of action and adventure sports athletes. This was my first project editing a long format TV show and it was a really great experience. Most web based videos are 1-5 minutes long max, for this show we had to provide 22 minutes of edited content, ready for broadcast. At times editing would become slightly overwhelming, shorting through the huge amounts of raw footage and interview content. However, this also helped to shape a detailed voice track from the interviews and then focus on adding in B-Roll to cover the interview shots. We used a basic 3 Act story structure, creating a few small scenes that would combine to form the act or pieces of the main story line.


Here’s what the finished 30 minute timeline looked like in Adobe Premiere Pro (Click to enlarge)

This episode of “The Line” featured professional big mountain skier Elyse Saugstad. Elyse is a hard charging skier that combines fast fluid lines and big airs. She also has a very interesting story from being married to a professional skier, or to surviving an avalanche. Elyse provided some amazing footage and I really enjoyed picking through it and finding the best shots to tell the story. You can view the finished show below.

 The Line – Elyse Saugstad

Overall, I’m very excited with how this episode turned out and I just wrapped editing on my next episode featuring professional big mountain snowboarder Ralph Backstorm, so stay tuned. Special thanks to John Considine, the show’s Director/Editor for bringing me on to help out. Also, thanks to Mountain Resort Television, Producers Jason Abram and JT Holmes.