Gary Burch – 40 Years

I love when I get an assignment to tell a story about about an interesting person. Back in the fall I got a call from Dane over at Deep Roots Media to create a short form documentary style tribute video for one of Heavenly Mountain’s employees, Gary Burch. This year marks the 40th year Gary has worked for the company, leading the lift operations department for the resort. Gary has built every chair lift at Heavenly, which is a lot of chair lifts. Gary and his team are responsible for keeping the massive infrastructure of chair lifts running day after day, season after season.

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The Line – Elyse Saugstad

I recently finished editing my first Television show for the team over at Mountain Resort Television. “The Line” is an award winning documentary style TV show, highlighting the stories of action and adventure sports athletes. This was my first project editing a long format TV show and it was a really great experience. Most web based videos are 1-5 minutes long max, for this show we had to provide 22 minutes of edited content, ready for broadcast. At times editing would become slightly overwhelming, shorting through the huge amounts of raw footage and interview content.

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Kirkwood – The Dispatch

It’s my third year shooting and editing the weekly “Dispatch” videos for Kirkwood Mountain Resort and so far it’s been the best season so far. As everyone knows it’s been a tough time in the snow department around the Tahoe region the past few seasons. We have been blessed by mother nature with some classic Tahoe winter storms, with constant refills of fresh powder every week. It’s been way over due, it’s nice to see the excitement and feel the energy around town again. Here’s to more fun filled powder days.

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Kirkwood Riders Poll Awards

It’s that time of year again, the days grow shorter, the nights starts getting colder and that feeling of anticipation for winter is in the air. That past couple of winters here in Tahoe have been far below normal snow pack and left many us locals wondering when the elusive Tahoe winter will return. The constant hype of a Godzilla El Nino lining up to hit this winter has everyone’s nerves on edge…could this be the year we’ve been waiting for? Will it be too warm? Is it going to miss us to the south? That’s the beauty of nature, it’s an adventure,

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Tahoe Show 2015

It’s the third year in a row I’ve been hired to shoot and edit the highlight/sizzle reel for the NPC/IFBB Tahoe Show. The Tahoe Show is one of the largest and anticipated bodybuilding contest in Northern California and Nevada. I always have a fun time shooting this event, even though it’s some what different from what I normally shoot. I try to give an overall recap of the event, showing the competitors behind the scenes, on stage and small details that are all part of the show.

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Rock Tahoe Half Marathon

I recently had the opportunity to capture the first Rock Tahoe half marathon, which starts at Spooner Summit and ends at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Stateline, NV. The assignment was to produce a 2 minute sizzle reel, that captures the energy and highlights this unique half marathon. We knew from a production stand point, logistically this was going to be a tough event to shoot. The Action was constantly moving over a 13 mile stretch and all this happens in a 3-4 hour period.

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